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The Home Of Financial Freedom Under The Tutorship Of Rejoice Chikamnele - Sir J.
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SIR.REJOICE PERSONAL PICTURERejoice Chikamnele – SIR J Is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple successful online businesses hitting Millions-in-naira sales mark from the scratch without any special  funding, direct response marketing consultant. A young man who embraced the Opportunity of Internet Business at a Tender Age of life…A Successful Advanced Tele-Communication  Dealer in Nigeria | A Giant Digital and Mobile Marketer | Information Marketing King | Website Developer | Web master consultant giant | An online importer | An Investor & A Self made young millionaire.

You see, for many years now, I ! Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J [ the C.E.O & Admin of : Recharge and Earn Income [ for all Nigerians ] Recharge Mobile Store | Nigeria Web Solution |Web Hub Solution International | First Class BulkSMS | Passive Income Job BLOG and Many Host of Others. I “Sir.Rejoice” , have been running Internet based businesses and I have been teaching other people how to do it as well. Thankfully, many of them now make steady income from the Internet just because they decided to listen to me and to practice what I taught them. Has Burning Passion And Unquenchable Love For The Poor And The Less Privilege In The Society.

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RechargeAndEarnIncome.Com | RechargeMobileStore.Com | NigeriaWebSolution.Net | WebHubSolution.Com | | PassiveIncomeJob.Com & Many HOST of Other...

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The answer is straight forward. I want to raise as many successful entrepreneurs as are willing to learn from me. In five years and ten years from now, I want to see my protégés dominating the marketplace; creating the best products and services.



In Summary: These are what Tele-Communication Dealer Business is all about + what YOU shall stand to learn from this training :!!!

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Just few days ago, i was handling an important work for one of my clients who is the current Gov.Of  Bayelsa State. Gov Diri Douye . Yes, i was working on his Website/App Development project on my desk.

You can go Confirm that here at =>  www.DiriDouye.Com and needed to deliver ASAP for an important Govt Assignment.  

... after an hour, the next message i got was:

                                       Oops! YOU have Exhausted your Data.

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How TRUE is that: Do you believe Airtel Network Ad
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Let me ask YOU.
How Do You fell each time you are Doing something that is
giving you joy on the internet : Maybe
[ Charting, Reading, Watching Videos,
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Oops! YOU have Exhausted your Data.

....anyway, i know you will feel sad , but however your feeling is, Remains COOL... 

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As you receive that Unexpected Debit Bank Alert from your Bank...

Say's "SMS Alert Charge" .
.Haba, that's for the Tele-com Bulk SMS Messages/Alerts etc
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Same Sadness Occurs, when you are making important Phone call:

maybe, Business Call, Love Call or Otherwise and Suddenly you ran out of Airtime....

Same Sadness occurs on your mind, each time there is an important News, Football match, One firm, Comedy etc.. You need to watch on your TV Channel and

Suddenly you notice Your: DSTV, GOTV, Startime etc Subscription has expired...

You just need to Recharge It.

How do YOU feel

When that your Lovely cut son & daughter, kid brother & sister etc... BEG You: Daddy ! Mummy! Brother ! Sister ! Uncle... Sweet
Darling ! Sugar ! lol....

Pls Our GOTV, DSTV,etc... Has expired, help to recharge It Please ....

Same Sadness occurs, when you return from that stress work late at night, and hurry to the kitchen to prepare that fast food for Dinner, as you moves toward the gas cooker Suddenly you notice the:
Electricity prepaid has expired...
"So There Is No More Electricity Light In The House"

You Just need to TopUp before proceeding to prepare that Meal.....

AND Many Other List Of Sadness.....

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A arrow-leftA Holy Cow BabyBuys Recharge Cards Airtime Everyday |

A arrow-leftA Holy Cow BabyBuys Browsing Data Bundle Everyday |

A arrow-leftA Holy Cow BabyPays for their [ DSTV,GOTV, StarTime  ..etc.. Bill Payments Everyday  |

Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A arrow-left.gif Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A Holy Cow Baby.gif Uses Electricity + Prepaid Everyday |

Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A arrow-left.gif Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A Holy Cow Baby.gif Sends Bulk SMS Everyday |

Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A arrow-left.gif Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A Holy Cow Baby.gifCarry's Adverts/Promotion/Marketing 
and Announcements Via [ SMS & E-mail Marketing's Services |  to ensure an effective result in their business growth.

Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A arrow-left.gif Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A Holy Cow Baby.gif Needs Your Active Nigerians GSM Databases 
Phone Numbers. [ as a Tele-com Dealer and reliable provider ] 

Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A arrow-left.gif Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A Holy Cow Baby.gifNeeds Your Active Nigerians 
and International Email Address Databases

Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A arrow-left.gif Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A Holy Cow Baby.gifNeeds GSM Short-codes and CallerTune 

Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A arrow-left.gif Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A Holy Cow Baby.gifNeeds USSD Code Setup. for the effective running of their business.

Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A arrow-left.gif Description: C:\Users\USERRR\Downloads\A Holy Cow Baby.gifNeeds Toll FREE and Non Toll Free Tele-Com Line Setup [ for their Businesses | Company | Organization .etc. 

 + other Tele-Communication

products and services... et.c..         

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The same business Niche which the most Successful, Respected And  Powerful Advanced Giants Internet Business Entrepreneurs| All Nigerians Banks | Companies | Group| Organization etc...

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And- When you lay your hand on it... nothing stops you from being on top: Expect you are the one that fears success.

 Continue Redaing..




Hello Beloved… I’m Not Going to Start Showing You Bank Account Statements as Most Nigeria Fake Internet Marketers does….
Rather See by Yourself the Real Proof Live Testimonies of What Others Students Say’s About Me:



ADEYEMI-1Listen carefully to me, all my Nigerian fellow citizens: Avoid making the mistake of listening or falling victim into the hand of this so called get rich overnight scheme being preach by the fake internet marketers, who don’t even know their way round any paying online business….”Making thousand, even Millions on the Internet is very similar to cooking. Yes! You need the rightful ingredients, the right direction, the right timing, all from the Right mentor. I passed out NYSC since 2010 with the hope of getting a very lucrative Job almost immediately, but I met the shock of my life, when all the company I applied to turn down my applications. Then I realized to myself that my dream of getting a good job to take care of my old parents is just a mere dream. That was the time I started building a strong passion into online business, with the little cash I saved during my service, I bought my first laptop at its ever cheapest price which I ordered online & it was delivered to me here in Nigerian from abroad through the ideal I got from the 14k Ebook laptop I bought then in 2011 from Onome Maureen another Giant Nigeria’s number 1 Female coach on Information marketing industry. Well! The truth is I really didn’t have cash to launch this business or learn from few Giant mentors I knew then, I bought different ebooks on different online money making niche, attending so many seminars both free and little paid ones as I can afford ,only to end up in getting more confused. God bless the day I came across Rejoice Chikamnele my life success mentor & Internet business coach, at the point of given up to life. He made things so easy for me- I started my Internet marketing business, yes! He advised me to start with information marketing Business; I started selling info-products in form of ebooks & videos via internet. At the same time started conducting one–on-one training. Between 3months interval I made over N350, 000 still counting, am today counted among the successful self-made millionaire. Now listen to the TRUTH, I have to tell you. There is nothing like overnight cash that comes from online business, it takes Passion, hard work, determination, optimism and adequate knowledge involved. Believe me at a young age I have gone through challenges in this business but perseverance is the key to my undeniable success. “However, I advise any serious minded individual who wants to succeed online doing legitimate paying business to grab this Training Course, it contains all you need to kick to succeed in any business field of yours both online   & offline…

Adeyemi Gbolagade
Ibadan-Oyo State
Facebook id = 


“Rejoice Chikamnele is a young man i so much respect in the industry of Tele-Com Business, I see him as an angel on earth. Yes, i really appreciate ordering your Digital| Mobile Marketing Business Set-up Offer: I actually started seeing fast result of my investment a week after my order with the help of your marketing training, advice & materials + your irresistible proposal letters to all churches, schools, businesses, organizations, etc… I sent it out and whoever sees it bounces back to me to kick start business without question. Yes! I made N175, 000 within 2weeks in the sale of my Email Database List [to my clients who want to go into email marketing] & GSM Database phone numbers stored according to different States, L.G.As& Locations with names and sex gender + another N82, 000 from website design service project which you did for me on behalf of my client, two church websites + N22, 000 from sale of SMS Units & N30, 000 profit I made from setting up 2 reseller websites under me, which you also worked out for me. All making me a Total of N309, 0000 cool passive income within 25days of launching my website from you. Whatever you do, do not close this page without getting yourself a set of this Training Course. It’s a guarantee way to succeed in our different business .
Apostle Jacob Olomitutu – CEO: Asian Institute Of Mal Publishing.From Ondo State : Lives @ Obuas Ashati Ghana




Rejoice Chikamnele & team are Silent Giant Internet Marketers I regard for their smart work, truthfulness and helping others. They are uncommon mentors inspired for greatness. As a lady, I have a very big issue in trusting people easily, but with Rejoice the case was different .He is my mentor and coach. Always delivers according to his word. All Info-products & services I bought from him are accurate and well satisfactory.
Udoka Jennifer
Anambra State.



Blessed are the merciful and those who think about the wellbeing of others. For they shall obtain mercy. Sir Rejoice Chikamnele for you shall continually find mercy with God & man anywhere you go. Thank you so much for helping me Sir and May God keep on blessing you and your family for me. He is the only silent young man with well-made testimonies I can easily recommend to all who keep on disturbing me to teach them the right way to make money online. I am ever proud of you and your name Sir, especially what you have done in my life. A lady of nobody has turned around to become a bread winner to the society. Even when I knew nothing about computer.
Maris Iwuchukwu: CEO MARIS SUPERMARKET Int’l.
My Facebook id =

Lawal Taiwo

Rejoice Chikamnele & team is always trustworthy to deliver according to their promises. I am proud of him. I’m Lawal Taiwo, one of the attendants of your just concluded VIP Internet Income Empowerment Training. Sir Rejoice Chikamnele , I thank God for giving me the life opportunity of ever meeting you in life. I’ve attended other trainings by most popular Internet gurus, but yours is so simple incomparable of the depth of what you put in laying it all out. You have made me to believe the last doubt I had about Internet Business. The only way I can pay you back is to be successful like you and I know with your help and God’s grace, I will succeed. God bless you greatly my good master. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending this course to anyone interested in grabbing it without any doubt in mind. I ever trust Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J & team group.
Lawal Taiwo


I thank God for the wonderful experience I had with Sir Rejoice at the just concluded VIP Internet Income Empowerment Training in Lagos State. It was great and I must say that the Lord has a purpose for everything in our lives and this training was one of the best for me. Thanks Rejoice Chikamnele for your contribution in my life and Almighty God has your reward waiting for you in heaven.

 Ese Clive- Lagos-State


John Taiwo Kabir Taiwo Yes am a living Testimony to: Sir.Rejoice Chikamnele Mentorship Training, as one of the successful millionaire student of Rejoice Chikamnele- Sir J. He introduced me to many Online Businesses.. I just want to say that to me there are only 2 real mentors in Nigeria which are Rejoice Chikamnele- Sir J & every other trust-worthy mentor out there, the rest are just following you. Thanks
John Taiwo Kabir Taiwo -CEO- Young Infopreneurs
Phone = 08137764457


” Sir.Rejoice Chikamnele ! I really appreciate ordering your Tele-Com Dealer Business Online Store Setup & Your Advanced Blog Cash Training.. I have basically practiced and still practicing what I learn and its working for me. A week after my Oder , i got my what i paid for, which keep generating me a real passive income day & night….selling different products & services in Tele-Com and Digital | mobile marketing industry.. This business truly works, Thank’s a lot, if I can make up to N180,000 + in about a month, even as woman for that matter, then I believe that any one can do the same. Thanks for defending the TRUST I have for you & delivered as promised.”Chidiebere Nwankwo
Visit My Blog Website at: 
Phone = 08164413808 
Email :



I am Pst. John Kelech the youngest Millionaire Entrepreneur Student of Sir. Rejoice ] Sir ! Having you as my boss is one of the best thing that have ever happen to me in life & my ministry , my God will keep on enlarging your coast sir. He introduced me to many online businesses. Yes! To me he is the best mentor I admire so much with a life of simplicity: therefore I have no fear recommending him to others.

Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J ! Is one young man I have never seen physical with my two eyes since 2012 i came across to him, that has been exceptional honest in all he does. If not that he’s a man, I would have called him a god.

Why did I say so?

I said so, because when his delivery, he impresses you beyond your expectation. He is very generous, faithful & trust-worthy, I really don’t know how he does that, he understand his fellow human basic problem & needs.

He doesn’t even use the marketing strategies remote to force people to buy his products & services, he gives them an irresistible reason and his reasons are always clear.
He is so generous with his God given money & knowledge that he gives out so many valuable items, pieces of information & advice… that I wondered if there’s any meat left behind.

Also he [ Sir.Rejoice ] has infused much confidence in me that I see him as the man living next door that could just knock on his door anytime and ask “Pls can you help me with a cup of milk” and he’d say

“Here is it, dear friend & be well.
Sir .Rejoice beyond doubt, know his onus.
Pastor.John kelechi = CEO : Swift Delivery Digital Marketing of Nigeria

Phone = 07065577928.


Rejoice Chikramnele is my oga on top, master, humble coach and most especially a God sent angel in my life. Yes, God used him to bring me out of poverty. 
I would be glad to ask you to listen to him, when it comes to Internet Business in
Nigeria, TELE-Dealer Business, Direct Marketing, Web Development & Traffic Generating. 

Once again, God bless you my boss. Every moment of my life, I keep on thanking 
God for bringing him to my life. For sure, I’m an Internet millionaire.

All Glory to God in heaven& my good master Sir Rejoice Chikamnele & his Team

I highly recommend This Irresistible Offer to Anyone who is looking for a clear-cut action--plan to getting a better life. Not only exceptionally comprehensive, but absolutely fool proof!

Henry Ogun Team  Director 
Nigeria Web Solution


Do You Still Have More Doubt?

Then, Watch Out For This Live Few Copied Testimonies Of What The Students At The VIP Internet Income Empowerment Training By: Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J” Say.






You Don’t take  that of my students words for it, then here are what top expert Internet Gurus Of Nigeria have been saying:

#Guru 1


My Advice: – “If you want to succeed in your based business, then get a mentor who is worth his/her salt, practice what they teach. Rejoice Chikamnele  is one of the best mentor  which I can recommend with confidence & that’s not because he have undoubting ability to create 6-7 figure online income earner, but he also get stuff to help newbie’s & anyone who has been trying to make a living online without success to be on the right path and make it Big Online.



#Guru 2


Without any doubt of mind, I hereby recommend Rejoice Chikamnele-Sir J  as the top silent young man in  internet marketing I know in Nigeria that is not only making money,  but have built a well good reputation for his name, business & company. He is the rightful person you can listen to when it comes to making money online and you will never regret ever taking him as mentor. Listen to him day & night and say good bye to financial worry. Remain Blessed All.

Onome Maureen


Guru #3


I have known Rejoice Chikamnele for many years now. He is a reputable money makers in Nigeria..

Olaide Alim

Guru #4


Everyone can claim to make money online, but only few know that making Money Online is all about getting the right information, but the right information can be very useless when it comes at the inappropriate time. In short, making money Online is about getting the right information from the right source at the right time… Rejoice Chikamnele is a friends, colleagues &   Pioneers of many internet business models that work here in Nigeria. You had better learn from him fast as you have the chance.

Adetunji Gbolagade



I know Rejoice Chikamnele & Team as an expert when it comes to making legit income online | Web Development | Direct Marketing & Website Traffic Generating. With good reputation to his name, he has lots of students & followers. I truly recommend this training to the whole world and will advise you to listen to whatever he has for you.

Efe Imiren


I Can Go On And On But…
Sorry! That’s The Limit Our Space Can Contain Now:-


LET’S ME STOP HERE Because Of Space..

But Remember This Is Not The Making Mouth Or Being Proud For I Really Hate That But Only To Show You That I Don’t Only Talks The Talk But I EXACTLY PRACTISE WHAT I TAUGHT.

Note: If You JUST Need at Least N200,000 In the next 20Days For An Immediate Work That Hooke You Up.

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Rejoice Chikamnele
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